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IT Asset Lifecycle Management There are many forces at work driving the lifecycle of your technology assets. The management of this cycle is not a one time event, but an entire process. As equipment becomes outdated in a corporate or government setting, important steps need to be taken to acquire new equipment while managing the changing details along the way. At every stage, there are risks involved, and thatís where MPC can help. From market and price advisory services, to migration and logistics expertise, MPC can support your organization from acquisition and deployment all the way through end of life management, where environmental, data security and brand risks come into play. With certified, best in class services, we are here to help you make the right moves, make sure you are protected and eliminate downtime so you can focus on your core business. Procurement: The lifecycle of an asset begins with the planning, evaluation and selection of electronic devices and equipment to meet the specific needs of a business. MPC provides assistance to determine the appropriate strategies for selection, sourcing and financing of this equipment. Our goal is to make the process easy, safe and effective so customers can focus on their core business. We also provide refurbished equipment through our resale and remarketing services that allow you to acquire working equipment at a fraction of the cost. Deploy & Manage: In the deployment stage of an electronic asset, equipment is transported, set up and installed, tested, connected and signed off as operational so customers can start managing the new technology immediately. MPC leverages best practices of depot services and on-site qualified technicians to mitigate risk of lost productivity and technical glitches Upgrade & Maintain: Maintaining the health and well being of electronic assets as well as keeping up to date with system upgrades is vital to prolong its useful life and drive the maximum value for the organization. MPCís experienced and certified technicians can provide break/fix services to repair equipment to reduce or eliminate downtime. Refresh: In todayís constantly changing technology marketplace, many organizations stay ahead of the curve by refreshing their equipment every time a newer, faster device is released. While others wait until their devices are on their last leg before considering an upgrade. No matter your situation, MPC provides knowledgeable program management to walk you through the process, whether youíre swapping out one device or thousands. Retire: When the asset has come to the end of current use (EOCU) or end of life (EOL) in an organization, MPC provides economic value and peace of mind by handling the equipment in a verifiable responsible manner. MPC evaluates each item to determine the best retirement option, whether it be reuse or complete recycling. Audited and certified by stringent organizations such as ISO, NAID, R2 and e-Stewards, MPC ensures data security, environmental and economic risk mitigation.

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